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Shannon Joslin has three loves in life—rock climbing, science, and animals of all forms. While she has her favorites of each (granite bouldering, genetics, and her furry companions), she finds every bit of them to be fascinating. Shannon first fell in love with Yosemite sometime in the 2000s when she was studying feline genetics at UC Davis. These days she can be found developing computational tools and assembling genomes to research the population genetics of endangered species. However much time she spends beep-booping on her computer, her heart remains in the Valley and the peaks of the High Sierra. 


James Lucas moved to Yosemite Valley in 2001. In the past 19 years, he's cleaned out garbage cans in Yosemite Village, had two cars die near Reed's Pinnacle, free climbed El Capitan in a day, established new boulders, and called the Valley home. More than any other place in the world, the rocks of Yosemite molded James into who he is today—though it's undecided if that's a good or bad thing.


Kimbrough Moore enjoys climbing rocks, writing about rocks, rock music, talking about feelings, his two poodles, weddings, love, and his family. He is the author of Black Mountain Bouldering as well as numerous articles on experimental philosophy. Kimbrough literally believes that the granite of Yosemite is conscious, so please treat it with respect. When in the city, you can find him in a lecture hall at San Francisco State University, and when in the mountains, all you have to do is look up.

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